Why did you pick Triangle?

“Because I am trangender, and it seemed like a safe environment for me to learn about myself, and others like me!” -Anonymous

“It was the closest alternative school near me, and they accommodated my timetable” -Ariana gr.10

“I thought it would be a better school than a mainstream school; it is for everybody and it’s inclusive.” -Alexia gr.11


What do you like about the Triangle Program?

“I like the size of it, I like that it is small” -Chris gr.10

“I like that we have free breakfast. And that the teachers are so helpful to the students” -Gabby gr.10

“The teachers are my lifeline here, they have supported me through so much and keep me coming back” -Anonymous

“It’s an easy environment to work in” Nehru gr.11

“I feel at home here, there are good people”- Sarah gr.11

“We get to do interesting things! Everyone feels comfortable around eachother, and we can get personal.” Sam gr.11


What is different about Triangle than other highschools?

“Well, It’s Queer! There are 40 students, and we get Independent Study” -Sid gr.12

“We get access to computers whenever we need it” -Amica

“Triangle is more accepting, we have more fun! Lunches are also way better here. Teachers make you feel like a part of the community, as if you matter and you aren’t just another student.” -Cassidy gr.12

“Triangle is very small. It is easier to communicate with people.” -Landon gr.12

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