An Internal Dialogue by Matthew S.

“Are you gay?” She asks me.
The answer is an easy no.
I have no reason to tell her,
And she has no reason to know.
She probably wouldn’t take it badly;
I know her love will remain.
I just don’t see a point
In causing unnecessary strain.
I could carry on with my life
And never bring this up again…
I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise her, however,
That in reality I love men.
I know she would have a million questions
But maybe that would be alright.
These questions would mean that she cares.
Her pre-conceived ideas, I could rewrite.
This person has loved me all my life;
Coming out won’t cause that to change.
It may even make us closer, in fact;
The idea isn’t all that strange.
I have learned so many things
In these past years, a few.
I’m finally comfortable with myself.
I know what I should do.
She’s still sitting across the table.
I try my best to remain calm.
I open my mouth to speak,
“Yes I am, Mom.”

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