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If you are a 2SLGBTQ+ youth looking for a safer space, community, flexibility, and/or a curriculum that reflects who you are, for the 2022-23 school year school year, intake meetings will happen in early September.

Please start the process to book an intake meeting for registration by completing the following:

  1. Complete the Triangle Intake Meeting Form.
  2. Send the required documentation:
    • Credit counselling summary or transcript from your last high school
    • Copy of the IEP (if there is one). Note: Acceptance into the program may have to wait until the IEP is reviewed by our Itinerant Resource Teacher.
    • VP Referral Form (To be completed by the Vice-Principal of your current school)
  3. After staff receive and review ALL documentation, and feel we can meet the student’s needs, we will reach out to arrange an intake meeting Legal guardian(s) and the prospective student must be present for this meeting. 
  4. Triangle staff will send out acceptance emails and registration process in 5-10 business days after the intake meeting if we feel we can provide the prospective student an academic program.

Important information before starting the registration process:

Triangle Program is meant for students under the age of 21, in need of a safer space, looking to be represented in the curriculum, or students in need of a more comfortable, supportive, and flexible space to get their education because of their sexuality, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

What are Intake Meetings?

The intake meeting is an opportunity for students, parents and guardians to meet staff and learn more about our program. It is also an opportunity for staff to learn more about the student and their needs. If staff believes that the Triangle Program is an appropriate space for the student’s academic success,  guardians/youth will be notified 5-10 business days after an intake meeting, and a registration date will be set to complete the paperwork.

If accepted into the Triangle Program we will need copies of the documents listed below in the Fall, and a few forms will need to be completed.

  1. Birth certificate
  2. OHIP card
  3. Proof of address (e.g. Phone Bill, Drivers license)

If you are under 18, a caregiver should accompany you to the intake meeting if possible.

Before contacting us, please note that we have the following limitations at Triangle:

  1. We can only enroll students under 21 years of age in the public school system. Click here to see a list of TDSB Adult Learning Centers
  2. Accommodations for learning challenges are limited due to the limited staff.  Extra time and technology use can be accommodated.  
  3. A student that is new to the country/province needs to make an appointment with one of the Toronto District School Board’s Newcomer Reception Centers. Out of province students cannot apply to register directly with us.
    All the information, including required documentation, is found at :
  4. Students that are coming directly from grade 8 are welcome.

The Triangle Program is staffed with two teachers, so please note our limitations before coming in for an intake meeting:

  • We cannot provide dedicated one-on-one time.
  • We cannot supervise youth over lunch hour and breaks.
  • The accommodations of extra time and technology use are the only accommodations our small program can provide.
  • We do not offer G11-12 academic sciences.
  • We do not provide treatment for mental health needs. We can support families to find the resources they need outside of school.
  • Students need the skills to self-regulate to work on their credits, especially for their independent study classes. Students coming to us from grade 8 need to have strong academic skills to be successful.
  • Students that are not obtaining credits with us will be transferred to their home school or another TDSB program.

Questions? Please contact us.

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